IPS Honor Choir

About the All-City Honor Choir

The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir and the Indianapolis Public Schools have united to resurrect the All-City Honor Choir. Eliminated from the IPS offerings in 2009 due to deep financial reductions, the All-City Honor Choir returned in 2015 to the music education offerings in the Hoosier State’s largest public school system, re-imagined, refreshed and reaching 46 gifted young musicians.

IPS Honor Choir 1The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir is pleased to partner with IPS, bringing to life a choir that includes students from all 8 IPS schools who were selected through a competitive audition process. Rehearsals for the 2017 Honor Choir began in March 2017 and the Honor Choir will perform at the Symphonic Choir’s Gala Bel Canto on Saturday, April 29, 2017.

Other performances by the All-City Honor Choir will be announced shortly.


Meet Mr. Cooper | Director of the Honor Choir

Terion Cooper is a gifted music educator – he is the teacher every student wishes they had as a choir director growing up! A graduate of Michigan’s Grand Valley State University with degrees in Music Education and French, this Michigan native began his love for all things music while attending the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. Terion is the director of choirs and instrumental music at Gambold Preparatory Magnet High School within IPS, and this is his sixth season as a tenor with the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir.


How can you help?

Make a donation to support this priceless educational program.

  • A donation of $75 buys the music for one section (i.e., sopranos, altos, tenors or bases) of the Honor Choir.
  • A donation of $250 helps defray the costs of accompaniment, practice tapes and after school snacks.
  • A donation of $1,000 underwrites the cost of a gifted conductor to inspire these young persons.
  • A donation of $5,000 completely underwrites the expenses for the All-City Honor Choir for one season.

Click here to make a donation to support this program.

And, the All-City Honor Choir would benefit from your support through advocacy. Share a link to this page via your own social media page – tell others why singing was so special to you while growing up.