Arts in the Classroom & Community

While there’s no magic solution to fix every problem in our community, in the classroom, in the world, I think choral music might be one of our best bets. A valuable step in the right direction no doubt.

The Symphonic Choir’s annual Gala Bel Canto is just over a week away, and the one-night event will raise over $75,000 to benefit music education and outreach programming throughout the community.

According to a recent study, more Americans sing in a choir than participate in any other art form. More than 35 million of our fellow citizens participate in choral music. Without a doubt, choral music is an artform by the people, for the people and of the people. It knows no boundaries, it breaks down barriers. It is not a “me” or a “you” activity, rather choral music is an “us” and a “we” experience for singers and audiences alike. Each of us has within us a voice, and the desire to share that voice among our peers simply cannot be stifled.

To that end, the Symphonic Choir believes choral music is a tool for strengthening communities, reducing crime, and building a society based on creativity and innovation.

  • We partner with schools throughout the community as part of our side-by-side “Spotlight Choir” series uniting our adult singers with young people from middle- and high-school choirs.
  • We resurrected the All-City Honor Choir that serves students from all 8 IPS high schools following its elimination from the city due to area funding cuts.
  • We bring the arts to Indy’s elderly/senior community through Timeless in Song for those who are unable to travel to experience music; one of the first such programs in the city.
  • We partner with first-generation college students to introduce them to the arts through concerts and conversations with those who make a career in the creative and innovation sectors.

The upcoming Gala Bel Canto raises funds to support our education and outreach programs that reach over 3,100 persons throughout the community. Whether by attending the Gala, bidding on the silent auction, or making a cash donation, we are grateful for your support.

You amplify the song within each of us. You make a “balanced education” not a goal or a mirage, but a reality and a game changer for thousands in our community.

Simply put: thank you for making it all possible.

Michael Pettry
Executive Director