Encouragement from Eric: The Missa is mammoth

Eric shared this with singers at the Missa Solemnis rehearsal on Tues, September 22, 2015: Dear singers, This is where the rubber meets the road. Tonight is our sixth Tuesday night rehearsal on the Beethoven MISSA SOLEMNIS. Normally, by our sixth rehearsal, we are virtually performance ready. Pronunciations, dynamics, tempi, nuance…all is (mostly) in place,… Read More

Here We Go!

In less than two weeks, we will be gathered together with over 170 of our closest singer friends, taking our first steps through Beethoven’s mighty MISSA SOLEMNIS. And with that, the 79th season of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir will be underway! Since the last time you heard us perform, everyone has auditioned or re-auditioned (new… Read More

Can We Tell Them We Are Hungry?

In last week’s overview of ZABUR, the upcoming world premiere by the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, we looked at the use of traditional Psalm texts (Psalms 2 and 102) by composer Mohammed Fairouz. These texts, sung by the Symphonic Choir in Arabic, form the framework of this two-movement work for chorus, children’s choir and symphony orchestra…. Read More