Volunteer Spotlight | Ann Carlson

Ann Carlson is a retired nurse and the second half of the Librarian Duo with Laura Howie-Walters. Currently, Ann volunteers and sits on the Board of Directors at Global Gifts, enjoys traveling with her husband, doing mission work in Ecuador and Haiti, being a group leader in Bible Study Fellowship, and spending time with her kids and grandbabies…. Read More

Volunteer Spotlight | Karl Snider

If you thought that we had forgotten about our male volunteers, don’t worry! Today’s guest post is by Tenor Section Leader, Karl Snider. Karl is a Suiting Specalist at Carson’s at Circle Centre. So, if you ever need a suit, Karl is your guy! Always early to rehearsals and ready to lend a hand, Karl… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight | Anita Willis

On this Feature Friday Anita Willis is the guest interviewee. Anita is a Lease Administrator at TCC- The Cellular Connection and with the Symphonic Choir she is the Alto Section Leader.  Anita takes to heart being a Section Leader, and does a fantastic job answering questions that arise, taking attendance, and communicating what was rehearsed each… Read More