Brazil Tour 2024

Registration is now open for the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir’s 2024 Brazil tour! Please find important registration instructions below.  

You will also find important documents to help you with the registration process:


The first step in registering is making your first payment in the amount of $550 to the ISC through Donor View. There is a 5% transaction fee for this first payment. If more than one family member is planning to travel, please do separate transactions for each traveler in Donor View. This helps us track exact numbers and hold your spot for the trip. Please DO NOT make a larger payment for multiple travelers under one name.

Click here to make your first payment=> REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

If the link does not work, cut and paste the following link into your browser:  REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

Only the first deposit of $550 will be made through Donor View. The remaining payments will be submitted through KI Concerts.

Once your payment is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and receipt with additional instructions for completing your registration through KI Concerts. You will need to make a second payment to KI Concerts to bring you account current with our existing payment plan. Please complete your registration immediately after making your initial payment as important, timely instructions from KI will follow your registration and make your next payment to KI Concerts.

*Registration is currently open for 74 travelers. When we reach 74 travelers, we will open a waitlist for those interested. We will notify everyone when registration is closed, and the wait list has been opened.


To begin the process, all participants will first need to choose either Core Program OR Core + Extension tour by clicking on the green “Register”  button and creating an account with a username (email address) and private password.

Participants will then be prompted to Login to their dashboard and complete their registration by filling in the required information (marked with red asterisks) and upload an electronic file of their passport’s main page.

  • It is not a problem if a participant does not have a passport at time of registration and they just need to acknowledge that a copy must be submitted by 120 days before departure. Once they have their passport, then they can upload the copy by returning to their dashboard and clicking on “Edit Registration Settings.”

Participants will have the option to provide their Frequent flyer account numbers, KTN (TSA Prechecks), Special dietary needs and Roommate requests.

Family Registration

It is best to register family members immediately after you register yourself.

Toward the end of your registration, at the “Registration Summary” click the GREEN “Add another registration” in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This attaches the registrants to the same family group.

PLEASE NOTE: Selecting ”add a traveler” or “add account holder” DOES NOT register them for the trip.  You must “Add a Registration” 

(If you choose to, you may add another registration later. You may add them as a traveler or account holder to link your account, but you still need to officially register them for the trip as well).

Registration Confirmation

Upon successful completion of an online registration, tour participants will receive a confirmation letter via email. We recommend saving this confirmation email as it provides:

  • The link to return to their dashboard to Edit Registration Settings and make payments
  • The link to Travel Insured International to purchase optional travel insurance
  • The link to the Deviation Request/Land Only form

**We also recommend bookmarking these links in your browser for convenient access.

Optional Travel Insurance

Members of Indianapolis Symphonic Choir have the option to purchase a travel insurance product from Travel Insured International or from any insurance company of your choice. The confirmation email will provide the link to Travel Insured International’s website to shop for a retail insurance plan.

The links with more information and to purchase an insurance product are provided in the confirmation letter sent upon completion of a tour registration. CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason) insurance must be purchased within 14 days of your first payment. Participants can purchase travel insurance from any insurance company of their choice.


The first payment is submitted to the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir through DonorView. The remaining payments, beginning in March 2023, will be remitted to KI Concerts via the secure online registration portal as per the payment schedule posted to the home page.

Air Deviations, Upgrades and Land Only

For those wishing to request a Deviation from the group air booking (extend their stay) or Upgrade their seat to Business Class or Premium Economy or join as Land only and arrange their own flights, they will use the link to the Deviation Request Form in their confirmation email to submit their specific deviation needs or Land only option selected. There is more information about the Air Deviation option provided in the terms and conditions.

  • Upon receipt of a Land only request at time of registration, the participant’s account will be adjusted from the Full tour price to the Land only price. They will follow the same payment schedule as full tour participants with installments ending sooner.
  • Note: Changing from Full tour to Land only after time of registration may be subject to a change fee – see terms and conditions.

For any questions or assistance with registering, please email: