Maestro Joseph Flummerfelt visits our rehearsal

It was one of those moments in which one feels truly fortunate. Here I sat, like I have so many other Tuesday nights over the past 15 years, in rehearsal with the 150+ singers of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, preparing for our upcoming performance. What was different about tonight, however, was the fact that I… Read More

Encouragement from Eric: The Missa is mammoth

Eric shared this with singers at the Missa Solemnis rehearsal on Tues, September 22, 2015: Dear singers, This is where the rubber meets the road. Tonight is our sixth Tuesday night rehearsal on the Beethoven MISSA SOLEMNIS. Normally, by our sixth rehearsal, we are virtually performance ready. Pronunciations, dynamics, tempi, nuance…all is (mostly) in place,… Read More

Singer Spotlight: Love At First Note

Some of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir’s 201 volunteer singers have found much more than a passion for performing through their choral involvement in the Choir. With Valentine’s Day upon us, we’d love to share the story of Rick and Carol Thorne. As Carol says, “Rick and I never would have met were it not for the Indianapolis Symphonic… Read More