Maestro Joseph Flummerfelt visits our rehearsal

It was one of those moments in which one feels truly fortunate. Here I sat, like I have so many other Tuesday nights over the past 15 years, in rehearsal with the 150+ singers of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, preparing for our upcoming performance. What was different about tonight, however, was the fact that I… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight | Christina Merriott

Resuming with Feature Friday, today’s spotlight shines on Attire Coordinator, Christina Merriott. During the day Christina is a Safety Representative at Milestone Contractors, LP. But with the Symphonic Choir she transforms into the attire guru for the wonderful folks in the Choir. She coordinates dress orders, orders the red accents that help make Festival of… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight | Ann Carlson

Ann Carlson is a retired nurse and the second half of the Librarian Duo with Laura Howie-Walters. Currently, Ann volunteers and sits on the Board of Directors at Global Gifts, enjoys traveling with her husband, doing mission work in Ecuador and Haiti, being a group leader in Bible Study Fellowship, and spending time with her kids and grandbabies…. Read More