From the Podium of Dr. Michael Davis

(Note: as part of our preparations for the upcoming MOOD INDIGO performances on September 15, we welcome the genius behind these sold out performances, and ISC Assistant Artistic Director, Michael Davis a moment on the blog to share his thoughts about this delightful concert.)
MD: Thanks, Eric, for your very kind comments.  Can you believe we are about to kick off our 12th concert season together?  And this year's repertoire will be just as exciting as the first one for me to be sure!
Hearing 180 singers rehearse the Verdi Requiem is nothing short of breathtaking, but hearing 22 singers rehearse all of those familiar melodies for the upcoming Mood Indigo is equally thrilling.  And as much as I'm enjoying it now, I can hardly wait to hear what the amazing musicians in the Combo will bring to the musical party!
This show continues to be all about connections, and our guest artists are a perfect example.
When I was participating in the Robert Shaw Choral Workshops in NYC almost two decades ago I would always visit the Iridium Jazz Club where the legendary guitarist and innovator performed every Monday night–Tom Doyle was the producer and sound engineer.   Les and the Les Paul trio, with Tom pulling multiple aspects together at the back of the room, took Cabaret entertainment to a new level.  I was fortunate to see their shows over 15 different times and it was inspiring each and every time.
Fast forward to 2013.  After 46 years working with a cavalcade of musical icons behind the musical curtain, Tom is going to be at the front of the house sharing his extraordinary talents on guitar and sharing a few personal highlights from those 46 years with Les.  Joining him will be his equally talented wife Sandy, who is a singer, guitarist, flutist, percussionist, and all around great person too.
As for me, you'll find me pinching myself each time I realize we are creating our version of those very special evenings in Manhattan for our friends right here in Indianapolis one more time.  I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!!  See you at the Landmark Center soon!