Gala Bel Canto Silent Auction

Every dollar you spend on the silent auction directly supports the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir’s outreach and educational programs throughout Central Indiana.

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Why is it vital to support music programs in the schools, community centers and retirement communities?

  • On average, students involved in music score 63 points higher on verbal and 44 points higher on SAT tests.
  • “The Mozart Effect” illustrates that persons who are introduced to classical music score higher on reasoning tests.
  • Students involved in the arts are less likely to abuse substances over their lifetime.

Your generous support through the Gala Bel Canto silent auction makes possible the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir’s outreach and education programs. From programs for youth – such as the “Spotlight Choir” programs – to mobile performances that bring concerts to lower income elderly persons, the Indianapolis community depends on your generosity to make it all possible. Thanks to your support, more than 3,500 persons will participate in the Symphonic Choir’s outreach and education programs in 2018. Click here to read more about what your support makes possible.