Our Pledge to You

United in Safety, Equity, Innovation, and Collaboration
a partnership with the Arts Council of Indianapolis

We pledge that these four principles will guide us as a sector as we deliver on our promise of A Full Creative Life for All that values, celebrates, and serves every resident of our city:

1. Safety
Protecting the health and safety of our employees, artists, volunteers, attendees/audience members, and the public is our highest priority. We will hold ourselves to the highest known public health safety standards. We will use appropriate safeguards and change the way we operate as needed until vaccination is available at scale and/or public health guidance evolves.

  • Anything we ask you to do for the safety of others, we are doing as well.
  • We are screening employees and attendees for signs, symptoms, and confirmed exposure to the coronavirus.
  • We are staying home when we are sick or have been exposed.
  • We are requiring face coverings/masks that cover the mouth and nose for employees, artists, volunteers, and visitors in accordance with public health orders (some artist exceptions apply).
  • We are socially distancing and helping you do so, too, with signage, timed entry, and other measures.
  • We are adapting HVAC, guarding against aerosol transmission, and following the research closely.
  • We are moving toward no-contact transactions for further protection.
  • We are thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting our public spaces according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.
  • We are providing and encouraging the use of hand sanitizer and hand-washing stations.
  • We are implementing training and comprehensive internal protocols to support employees in these measures.
  • We are training employees, artists, and volunteers on safeguards at and away from work.
  • We will clearly communicate our safety protocols and expectations before you arrive or purchase tickets, including:
    • Information collection for contact tracing
    • Temperature scans and self-screening for symptoms
    • Use of masks and sanitizer, distancing, and other expected behaviors
    • Entry limited to visitors who follow our clearly stated guidelines

2. Equity
We will recover and reopen in ways that advance and accelerate equity, diversity, inclusion, and access to and through the arts. We will leverage the disruption of COVID-19 to reopen, rebuild, and remodel our systems, practices, and programs to reflect our anti-racism values.

3. Innovation
We will use what we learn from this experience to innovate and improve our mission delivery. We will continue serving the community and delivering our missions by adapting programs and services in ways that keep us connected and inspire hope and healing.

4. Collaboration
We will work with each other and you to listen, learn, and move forward together. We will communicate our plans, progress, and key learnings transparently as we reopen, recover, and expand our community impact.