Making the Case for Big Programming

There are a number of times in life when it pays dividends to “play it safe” and to consistently “color inside the lines.” Don’t be too risky. Don’t dream too big. Avoid wading into uncharted waters. Then, on the other side of the argument: There’s this thing called the arts. Audiences flock to bold, engaging… Read More

Guest Blog | Henry Leck

Britten War Requiem:  a monument in our time This season marks the one hundredth anniversary of Benjamin Britten’s birth. Consequently, this has been a real Britten year for the Indianapolis Children’s Choir.  In the fall, we performed the “Missa Brevis in D” and at holiday time, “Ceremony of Carols.”  And now, this spring the “War… Read More

Yoga Balls, Indian Heads and Half/Whole Steps

Perhaps this has been the most wide-ranging week of my career in music! As the headline indicates, one never knows what to expect in the life of a choral conductor. Let’s start with the biggie…the one I’m still struggling to believe (that is to say, every time my phone rings, I’m sure it’s someone from… Read More