Welcome to Tokyo!

Just a quick entry (sort of really checking that the new blog site is working…read: I know what I'm doing).

Arrived in japan last night. Picked up at Narita by host Randy Stenson, choral director at Saint Mary's International School. Wonderful Isekaya dinner at a restaurant…take off shoes, climb ladder to cozy table above the kitchen. Udon noodles with octopus, grilled chicken and pork, lovely Asahi beer to wash it down.

Moved into my room at the Brothers Home at SMIS, where also live some of the few faculty still in the Catholic order that manage the school. Big room, private bath, comfy bed and very quiet. That's all this weary traveler needed!

Today spent day adjudicating solo and ensemble contest for four of the area private high schools. Really talented singers, so sincere in their music making! Very impressive levels of achievement, foreign language pronunciation, discipline. And everyone so friendly. I'll see a lot of these kids again later in the days ahead during my time at the various schools. Looking forward to it very much.