Individual Giving

We are incredibly grateful to those who have made a gift to the Annual Fund during our 2018-2019 Season.


Norris Allen

Deborah Anderson


Fred and Ala Antibus

Brad and Carole Arthur

Christopher and Shallen Atkins

Rebecca Baker

Dr. Sue Bartz

Braden Baughman

Marilyn Baumgardt

Robert and Victoria Bedwell

Mark and Deana Beecher

Jim Bennett

Ray and Erika Biederman

Katherine Bolinger

Robert Bolyard and Andrew Miller

James Bonke

Liam and Meredith Bonner

William Bosron and Sheila Barton

Kara Bougher

Joshua Bowman

Joan Boyer

William and Nancy Brandenburg

Jeff and Jennie Braun

Jordan Brewer

Joe and Nicole Brown

Bradley and Laura Brueckmann

Donald and Rebecca Bryenton

Gay Burkhart

Betsy Burleigh and Michele Bergonzi

Peg Busard

James and Marie Schaekel Butz

Victor and Linda Caleca

Robert C Campbell

Timothy and Ann Carlson

Cindy Carr

Richard and Mary Beth Carson

Victor Chen

Charles and Sydney Schafer

Emily Cline

Michelle Cohen

Paul and Cynthia Coleman

Wes and Cindy Colter

Carolyn S. Cook

Terion Cooper

Sean Coughlin

Susan Cowen

Carolyn A. Cunningham

Mark and Jacqueline Dall

Jeff and Donna Daniel

Ali Darley

Dave and Amy Lewis

K. Allen Davis

Dr. Michael Davis

Kathy Dean

Robert and Ann Dean

Brett Deery

John and Rachel DeMuth

Don and Luanne Devries

Fred and Kim DiCamilla

Douglas D. Dilling

Daniel and Jennifer Dixon

Mike and Suzie Dodds

David and Kate Doty

Frank and Carol Drumwright

David B. Duncan and Jeffrey Bower

Jim & Alice Duncan

Emily Christine Dunn

Holly Erickson

Bari and Rachel Faudree

Peter and MaryEllen Fellegy

Isabella Ferrari

Nathan and Laurel Foley

Robert Foote

Marian Fosdal

Richard and Patricia Franck

George F. Freije

Howard and Phyllis Fulford

Les and Marge Galbraith

Daniel and Shannon Gardner

Garth and Christine Gathers

Ann Gerritsen

Ruth Gigax

Dorothy Giovannini

Steven and Dana Goot

Jane Gosling

Mary P. Gosling

Sandy Gosling

Michael and Jennifer Grady

Ruth Green

Christian and June Gries

Jeri Griffith

Janet Guthridge

Dale Gwin

Brett Habing and Deborah Mongold-Habing

Diane Hall

Jerry and Gale Halperin

Arthur and Susan Hanna

Tim and Inessa Hansen

Dennis and Tamara Hardin

Tabitha Hardy

Molly Harris

Pamela Harris

Robert and Danielle Hartman

Paul and Ivy Heazeltine

David Hensel and Lisa Hamilton

Joseph and Eleanor Hingtgen

David Hochoy

Redmond P. Hogan III, M.D.

Dave and Judy Hollander

Jeffrey and Jeri Holmes

Rob Holmes

M. Kathryn Housman

Peter and Emily Howard

Gary Walters and Laura Howie-Walters

Camilla Hull

Frank D. Hurdis Jr

Marsha Hutchinson

Kristin Ingersoll

Kenneth and Krisztina Inskeep

Karen L. Jacobs

James Jewell and Harold Rightor

Jessica Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Philip and Margaret Johnston

Anne S. Jones

Deborah J Jones

Ian and Faith Justiniano

Joan Justiniano

Marilyn Keiser

Julia Keller-Welter

Jan Kennicutt

Michael and Joan Kenniff

Philip Kern

Kevin and Lauren Kerswick

Quay Kester

Lee Kingery

Christopher and Susan Kniola

Nicholas Kohne

William Koldus and Terran Williams

Dan Kramer and Jane Herndon

Jack and Lorissa Kreman

Timothy and Terri Kroeker

Dr. John Krol

Bob and Marilyn Kuhn

Heather Kuhn

Tim and Beth Kurth

Jim and Pat LaCrosse

Dr. Bennett C. Laguzza

Ned and Martha Lamkin

Kristopher Landmeier

William and Katherine Landschulz

Deb Lawrence

Mary Leslie

Steven Levy

Jon and Susan Lewis

Suzanne Lodato

Mark and Debbra Lund

Daniel and Kennedy Luton

Claudia MacRae

Donald Mains

Joshua and Kimberly Mannix

Lisa Marchal

Roger and Mary Marchal

Philip Kern

Susan Markle

James and Barbara Martin

Rodney and Lynn Martin

Christian and Michelle Maslowski

Rose Massela

Robert and Dianna Massie

Milo and Phyllis McCormack

Gregory and Christine McGowan

James McGrath

Patrick and Katherine McHugh

Heather McPherson & Malcolm W. Smith

Samuel and Maayan Leroy-Melamed

Thomas and Christina Merriott

Clayton Miller

Debbie & Ford Miller

Don & Nancy Miller

Shari Morey

Michael and Jewell Morow

Carol Morris

Kate Morris and Brian Giesler

Craig Mortell

Wayne and Mary Jo Moss

Rose Mullen

Lynn Murray

Laura Nagle

Timothy S. Needler

Blake and Carolyn Neubauer

Lucy Park Newton

Tom Nichols

Yvonne Nichols

Duane Nickell

David and Nancy Nickels

Emily Nickels

Laura Nisenbaum

Nils Nordell

Shirley Norris

Cameron and Peggy Oehler

Eric and Kathy Oehler

Ian Oehler

Linda Olvey

Stephen and Kathy O’Neil

Chad and Julie Paavola

Kevin and Diana Pannell

Bill and Penny Paraskevas

Kathryn Patterson

Patrick Pauloski

Kara Pearce

Becky Peterson

Michael Pettry and John Mainella

Don and Maurie Phelan

Keith and Karen Phelps

Joanne Pierce

James and Nicole Plenty

Jeff and Julie Qualkinbush

Erin Quandt

Daniel and Susan Rains

Philip and Joanna Reinhardt

Duane Henry and Micci Richardson

Kyle and Lauren Richmond

Jessica Riedel

Clay and Amy Robbins

Ingrid Rockstrom

Jim & Vickie Roe

David and Kathleen Rose

David and Carla Rosenfield

Judy Roudebush

Brian Roush and Jaclyn Martin

Olesya Savinkova

David Shaff and Greg Riley

Elisabeth Krug and Roland Schaffer

Robert and Rita Schilling

C. Max and Christine Schmidt

Paul and Martha Schmidt

DavidMichael Schuster

John A. Seest

Carol and Richard Selby

Michael and Sherrie Sells

Nate Shadday

Stephanie Shaw

Kent and Bonnie Shipley

Michelle Sigg

Joel Singer

Patrick Siscoe

Mike and Ali Slocum

Gerald and Deborah Smith

Karl E. Snider

Robert and Mary Jane Sorbera

Nate & Shana Sparks

C. Richard and Gretchen Spaulding

Eric Stark and Adriano Caldeira

Jim and Michele Stark

Sherry Stark and David Tiede

Veronica Stern

Larry and Stephanie Stout

Margaret Selb Strodtbeck

Earl and Gwen Swart

Gregg A. Sweeney, DDS

Gregory and Linda Sykes

Felicia Tanzosch

J. Patrick Tatum

Daniel and Candi Tepke

Michael and Betsy Terry

Neil and Rebekah Thompson

Carol Thorne

Philip and Emily Thornton

James R. Toombs

Shaun and Brynn Tyszka

Bart and Dana Voigt

Jeff and Leeann Vrabel

Donald and Coleen Walker

James and Pamela Walters

Daniel and Bethany Watson

Chris & Becky Watts

Don and Anna Weiser

John and Elaine Weiss

Lew and Faedra L. Weiss

Lydia Wells

Frank and Cathy Whelan

Jessica White

William and Audrey Wiebenga

David and Eleanor Wilcox

Dixie Williams

James and Suellen Williams

Julie Williams

Meredith and Judith Wilson

Sandy Winter

David Woll

Tom Woo

Donna K Worth

Phil and Mary Jo Wright

Brandon and Anna Wyss

Alex and Andrea Yovanovich

Barrie and Margaret Zimmerman




If you believe your name to be missing in error from our donor list, please contact:
Kellie Kierce, Development Director at or 317.940.9050