Giving Voice to Tomorrow: Endowment Campaign

More than 35 million Americans sing in a choir. In fact, more people sing in a choir in this nation than participate in any other art form. Choral music is for all people, knowing no limits, ready to touch hearts and change lives. Launched in March 2017, the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir’s endowment campaign “Giving Voice to Tomorrow” will raise $3,750,000 before the end of our fiscal year (July 31, 2019) to permanently endow the artistic director position and our performance of the greatest choral-orchestral repertoire.

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We are where we are and we are who we are because of people just like you. To learn more about providing for the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir for decades to come – whether through estate gifts or present-day contributions – contact Executive Director Liam Bonner at (317) 940-9059 or  Additional Resources: