Dear Friends,

The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir is among the most respected organizations in the nation. Recognized as a leader in the choral music field, these 180+ volunteer singers present more than 25 concerts, 10 education/outreach events, and donate over 200 hours to the organization each season. Art is brought to life – lives are touched – a difference is made…but only with your help.

Whether you are an individual with a passion for choral music, or your corporation understands the importance of the arts to the well-being of a community, your support is needed.

Have you experienced one of those times when music touches you? Maybe the fury and rage of the “Dies Irae” from the Verdi Requiem envelope you; or perhaps the serenity and assurance that flow from the lips of the choir during Handel’s Messiah give you comfort and peace. Was it an experience that you would like to feel again, and this time, should others be able to know those same heights of passion, sensitivity, vigor and life?

It is only through the generosity of the community that the Symphonic Choir is able to present these concerts of such magnitude. Ticket sales fund less than one-third of the costs associated with producing these events – this is where persons like you are able to make a difference.

Your contribution is tax-deductible and makes possible the many events that touch lives, enrich our culture, and help to give meaning to more than 10,000 persons each season.

Take center stage this season, take a bow. You are a pillar of society and you are ensuring the future of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir.

For additional information, please contact the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir office.
(317) 940-9057 or

Due to website updates, we are not presently able to accept donations online.

Make a donation by contacting the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir office: (317) 940-9057 or

Most Sincerely,
Michael Pettry
Executive Director