Volunteer Spotlight | Anita Willis

On this Feature Friday Anita Willis is the guest interviewee. Anita is a Lease Administrator at TCC- The Cellular Connection and with the Symphonic Choir she is the Alto Section Leader.  Anita takes to heart being a Section Leader, and does a fantastic job answering questions that arise, taking attendance, and communicating what was rehearsed each… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight | Laura Howie-Walters

Laura Howie-Walters is one of Indiana’s finest Court Stenographers. She is also one of two volunteer librarians for the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir. Together, Laura and Ann create music packets for singers, hand out rental scores, and keep track of it all. They handle folder distribution and pick up music from various locations throughout Indianapolis. Truly,… Read More

Encouragement from Eric: The Missa is mammoth

Eric shared this with singers at the Missa Solemnis rehearsal on Tues, September 22, 2015: Dear singers, This is where the rubber meets the road. Tonight is our sixth Tuesday night rehearsal on the Beethoven MISSA SOLEMNIS. Normally, by our sixth rehearsal, we are virtually performance ready. Pronunciations, dynamics, tempi, nuance…all is (mostly) in place,… Read More