Volunteer Spotlight | Donna White

By day, Donna White works for the State of Indiana as a Federal Funding Specialist. By night, Donna is the volunteer Mentor Coordinator for the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir. As a Mentor

Donna White | Top Row; Second to the Right

Donna White | Top row; second from the right

Coordinator, Donna's job is to match up new incoming Choir members with a veteran Choir member prior to the first rehearsal of the season. This assists the new singers feel more at ease when coming into the first rehearsal, it also allows for an additional point of contact when questions arise.

Donna has been an active member of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir since 2003.

Top 3 Christmas/Holiday Songs:
1.)  Hodie Christus Natus Est  (arr. By Healy Willan): We performed it in Festival of Carols 2013 after I won the audition rights, but I first did it in High School, and performed it in the US Capitol Rotunda at Christmastime every year I was in school.   Brings back some really good memories – especially since Mixed Chorus was all the vocal training I had!

2.)  Carol of the Bells

3.) The Dream Isaiah Saw – and I remember singing this in Chicago, from memory, and the choir getting a standing ovation from the gathering of music professionals!

What voice part are you?
Tenalto – (2nd alto doubling in tenor)

How long have you been in the Symphonic Choir?
Since spring of 2003

When did you first begin singing?
I can’t remember that far back… but I began “our” kind of singing in 1997 with Laudate – a sacred music chamber choir – in Valparaiso.  One rehearsal, and I immediately knew I needed vocal training help!!!

Favorite Eric Stark saying or quote?
“If you can’t hear the voices around you, you’re singing too loud and not blending.”