What Is A Conductor’s “Choral Christmas Wish List” Anyhow?

With rehearsals for Festival of Carols now in full-swing, our collective minds turn toward the holidays. Ever wondered what you might find on this conductor's Christmas wish list? Wonder no more…

1) One hour a week in a quiet coffee shop for myself and our singers when we can individually reflect on the beautiful and impactful poetry and expansive themes of the works we perform…Mozart's Requiem, Handel's Messiah, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony…in these works are contained some of the great hopes and aspirations of humanity.

2) An extra large clock in the kitchen of all singers, with alarms set appropriately to get them to rehearsal on time 🙂

3) Digital dictionary/thesaurus on the smartphones of all singers during rehearsals, so my quirky allusions and references get a little appreciation!

Festival of Carols- Palladium

Festival of Carols at The Palladium last season

4) Caffeine and chocolate, though not necessarily in that order…especially now until Dec 26!! (This means you, Calvin Fletcher's and Best Chocolate in Town!)

5) An opportunity in every rehearsal to forget – momentarily at least – the pressures of calendar and clock, and to be mindful of the great gift we all receive through shared music-making. Waves of powerful vocal artistry coupled with the unceasing generous spirits of the Symphonic Choir’s patrons.

An amazing gift to be sure – see you at Festival of Carols!