But Why Commission New Music?

“We all know the saying ‘all music was once new music,’ but it really goes further than that” – Michael Pettry, Executive Director Commissioning new works can be risky! They don’t come without a price tag. …and, scores of other “what if’s” to boot. This blog post explores the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir’s large-scale commissioning project…that… Read More

Arts in the Classroom & Community

While there’s no magic solution to fix every problem in our community, in the classroom, in the world, I think choral music might be one of our best bets. A valuable step in the right direction no doubt. The Symphonic Choir’s annual Gala Bel Canto is just over a week away, and the one-night event… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight | Christina Merriott

Resuming with Feature Friday, today’s spotlight shines on Attire Coordinator, Christina Merriott. During the day Christina is a Safety Representative at Milestone Contractors, LP. But with the Symphonic Choir she transforms into the attire guru for the wonderful folks in the Choir. She coordinates dress orders, orders the red accents that help make Festival of… Read More